The rediscovery of an old passion - and maybe of first love. Years spent on lakes and on the sea in search of the wind; long days with friends and memories that warm the heart. We decided to share this passion with you. We will help you to make the first steps and take on the first breezes in complete safety. This year, we begin with courses just for beginners, to teach you the basics as well as refined techniques, thanks to the tried and tested International VDWS methodology.

Duration: 2 ore
Beach and Water exercises:

Here, too, the lesson includes a theoretical part and a simulation on land before progressing to practical experiments in the water that will allow you to pick up manoeuvres and basic paces for navigation.




Single lesson:
70,00 euro

3 lessons
(to be taken within one month):
180,00 euro

5 lessons
(to be taken within one month):
280,00 euro

the lesson includes insurance, hire of board with leash, wetsuit (depending on the season), lycra.

Discount for groups of three or more participants: 10% - Price are valid all year

At the end of the course, those who wish to will be able to request a special VDWS certificate attesting to the level reached, subject to a short exam based on what has been learned. This certificate will provide a guarantee for your rentals around the world (not included in the price of the course)