Surfing: an ancient sport that has been practised on the Italian coast for decades. A sport that is seeing ever increasing numbers of participants. Sometimes, people love to define surfing as a lifestyle; in reality, it is the choice of a different style that finds its crowning element in the practice of this activity in the sea. Everyone has their own personal motivation for surfing. There are those who - like me - love being rocked by the sea before taking on the wave or the sensation of being at one with the sea before the perfect take off. A friend of mine wrote a book entitled "Surf: whoever has the most fun wins": this encapsulates the spirit of our instruction. To see smiling faces, to learn to stand on your feet while being driven by the waves, and to set up the first bends are among the many little excitements that everyone will discover and experience.

With surfing too, we take extreme care when it comes to safety: you will learn "surfing etiquette" and will face the waves in complete safety, followed by qualified and passionate instructors.

Duration: 1 ora

Beach exercises:

What will happen during the lesson? Every new lesson includes theoretical instruction. We will always discuss safety in the sea, we will carry out simulations on land, we will carry out warm-up activities, and then move on to the long-awaited fun in the water

Water exercises:

Trim on the board

Take off

Turn right / Turn left





60 minute lesson - 1 person:
35,00 euro

60 minute lesson - +1 person:
30,00 euro

5 lesson package
(to be taken within one month) 1 person:
140,00 euro

5 lesson package
(to be taken within one month) +1 person:
120,00 euro

the lesson includes insurance, hire of board with leash, wetsuit (depending on the season), lycra.

Price are valid all year